This SmartForm field allows you to give options different scores / weights.

Weighted dropdown option sets are similar to dropdown fields. The difference is that weighted dropdown options have values. You should include as the last option for weighted drop downs an option with value "na" (small letters) for non-applicable questions. Look at the example option set below:


Note: You don't need to add a blank field as the first option to display to make sure that the user actually selects an option from the dropdowns. 

Calculation of values:

Weighted dropdown fields give you a final total percentage value according to the formula below:

= (Sum(Answered Values) / (Total Max Values*)) x 100

(*The total max value does not include not applicable questions)

Look at the example below for a form with a total of 4 weighted dropdown fields using the option set in the previous figure:

Question Number

User choice




In Progress - 75%




Not Applicable

4 of 4 questions answered

=((10+7.5+10) / 30) x 100 = (27.5/30 ) x 100 = 91.7%

Last but not least, you will need to select the checkbox "Show weighted score footer and click save to see the results. The results will show at the end of each section for the questions within the section and at the end of the form as well for all questions.