The Permit Dashboard provides a one-page overview of your Permits, as well as alerting you to non-compliant or expiring notices.

To view this dashboard, select Permits>Dashboard from the left hand side bar menu and click to go to the dashboard.

The Permits Dashboard provides a variety of reports in chart or pictorial form with up to the minute information keeping you informed of the current status of your Permits.

  1. A summary of your Permits, Conditions and Actions which are active as at today's date.
  2. The number of permits expiring in the next twelve (12) months.
  3. The number of Permits lapsing in the next twelve (12) months.
  4. A colour coded chart showing the summary of all Permit Compliance status, indicating any which are at high risk.
  5. A geolocatable map of all Permits held by your company, Note that you can click on the locator pin to bring up a street view of the site, plus basic details of the Permit. You can click on a hyperlink in this view to go directly to the Permit. Zoom in or out on the map using the + or - signs located in the top right hand corner of the map.
To the right of the Permit Map are listed a number of charts related to Permit Profiles. These continue down the page and offer breakdowns of Permits by Activity Type, Grantor, Requestor and location amongst others.