The Hazard Log is a list of all identified hazards associated with incidents. To access the Hazard Log, either:

  • From the left hand side bar menu, under Hazard Management, chose Log or
  • From the Home Screen, in the Your Health & Safety Services menu, under Hazard Management, choose Log.

A list of all saved hazards is shown. To drill down into the detail of a hazard, click on the blue hyperlink. Displayed on the next screen is:

  1. Description of the hazard showing the name it was logged under, the location and the type and category if these have been recorded.
  2. Description of the hazard, inlcuding who is managing the hazard and the internal reference for the hazard.
  3. The status of the hazard, plus the option to EDIT or DELETE the hazard if required.
  4. All actions taken against the hazard plus any future actions which are loaded in the system, who is responsible for them and when they are to be completed. Each action has its own unique identifier.
  5. To add an additional action. For example, if there is condensation in the kitchen, there may be actions to remedy it in the short term, but there may also be a long-term plan such as replacing the air con.
  6. Activity data - any notes, documents or activity saved against the hazard. Click on Show Activity to see the details under each tab.