Here is the process to sign up to the Safetree Contractor Certification Programme 

  1. Go to the certification page on the Safetree website here
  2. Click on the "Sign up to start the certification process" link (see below)
  3. On the BraveGen Register page fill in your brief details and click the blue button (see below)
  4. Wait for the email invitation from BraveGen. This may take a few minutes or up to a few hours based on a number of checks we need to make
  5. In that invitation email click the blue button "CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP NOW" (see below).
  6. On the BraveGen Get Started page enter a password you will remember and click the blue button (see below). Clicking this will log you in and you can start working through the 3 step process in the BraveGen Guide.

If you forget your password you can get a reminder emailed to you here. If you have any problems with getting set up in BraveGen you can contact us by phone or email for help.

The Safetree website link

The BraveGen Register Page

The BraveGen Invitation email

The BraveGen Get Started Page