There are 2 ways to sign up a new contractor in BraveGen.

  1. Add them in BraveGen - they are reviewed and then sent an invitation email
  2. Give them a link to your dedicated sign-up page

Sending them an invitation email

You can add a supplier in BraveGen by clicking the "Add new supplier" button on the Onboarding page or the Home page.

This takes you to the Onboard new supplier page.

Start typing the contractor's company name in the Supplier name drop down box and see if it apears in the list.

If it does appear then this means they may already have been invited. Go to the Onboarding page to see what their status is.

If it doesn't appear in the page continue filling in the form. As a minimum you will need to enter a company name, contact name, phone number and an email address.

Choose the appropriate programme and tier. 

You can save the form as a draft or a final if you have fully entered the information. 

Saving it as a final entry will submit it for review and sending out of the invitation.