The Safety Data Sheet Log shows a list of all Safety Data Sheets which have been loaded into BraveGen.

To access the Safety Data Sheets, from the Home Menu, in the Your Health & Safety Services menu, and under the Safety Data Sheet Management item, click on Manage.

The Safety Data Sheet log allows you to click on a hyperlink to take you to the SDS, or Add SDS by clicking the button in the top right of the screen.

Clicking on the hyperlink for a specific substance takes you into the Hazardous Substance detail page.

  1. To edit the details of the substance (refer screen shot below - exhibit a).
  2. The classifications which relate to this hazardous substance. Note that these are entered when any new hazardous substance is created in the system, using the supplier safety data sheets.
  3. To view the Safety Data Sheet, click here. This will take you through to the detail of the SDS as it currently appears on the supplier website (refer screen shot below - exhibit b).
  4. The location details of this substance. Note that this address is a hyperlink and will take you to the location details.
  5. The address as a geolocatable image.
  6. Details from the Safety Data Sheet, including safety and PPE requirements, chemicals etc.

Exhibit a: To edit the Hazardous Substance information

Exhibit b: to view the SDS sheet: