To access the Safety Data Sheets, from the Home Menu, in Your Environmental Services section, and under the Safety Data Sheet Management item, click on Log.

The Safety Data Sheet Log shows a list of all Safety Data Sheets which have been loaded into BraveGen.

The Safety Data Sheet log allows you to click on a hyperlink to take you to the SDS, or Add SDS by clicking the button in the top right of the screen.

Clicking on the product name for a specific substance takes you into the Safety Data Sheet view page.

  1. To edit the details of the safety data sheet click "Edit SDS" (refer screen shot below )
  2. Add the SDS details in the appropriate box
    1. Product Name
    2. Supplier
    3. Product use
    4. Emergency Contact Details
    5. Issue date
    6. Revision date
    7. Location - you can select multiple locations in your organisation here so that the SDS you are editing will appear on the selected locations' page.
    8. If an SDS is associated with one or more locations you will see a link with the text "This SDS is at these locations". Click on the link to see the locations.