1. Click on your company logo to return to the Home Menu
  2. Click on the menu item to go to the appropriate page.
  3. Click this button to minimise the left hand side menu
  4. The location you are in
  5. Log Out button
  6. Help Centre Link
  7. Reporting Framework name (chosen by you when report created)
  8. Edit report header button
  9. The report framework to which you are currently responding
  10. Report compatibility - shows those reporting frameworks which have commonality with this framework. NB when you edit an individual question, this section will show the individual question compatibility.
  11. Report tabs:

Report - shows the list of questions in this reporting framework

Index - shows each section and question in a list to allow author to see the status of each question and to whom it is assigned.

Notes - any notes, activities or files which have been done against the report itself. Also includes a Library of recorded activities.

History - shows all changes made, the date and by whom.