The Incident Screen is a comprehensive record of an incident which has occurred at your company and includes all actions taken as a result of the incident.

  1. Shows where you are in the system as a navigation tree. To return to the Incident Log, click on "Log" or to go back to the Dashboard, click on the "Dashboard" link.
  2. The unique Incident number is shown plus the brief details of the incident - what occurred, where did it occur, who was involved, what was involved, and more details about the incident.
  3. The status of the incident, (Open, Assessing, Investigation, Reviewing, Closed, Unknown)
  4. The severity of the incident.
  5. Click to edit the incident shown.
  6. A GIS thumbnail link showing the location of your incident in Google Maps. Clicking on the thumbnail takes to a new window/tab of Google maps of your incidnent's location. 
  7. The unique email address for this incident, ( Any emails, documents, photos or videos sent to this email address will automatically be saved and associated with the incident., The universal email address can also be used to document general documents, photos or videos associated with your company which can be accessed in your mailbox. If you have an email client configured on your machine and if you click on "Open an email" link this will open a blank email with the incident email address prepopulated in the To: field as shown below.
  8. Delete this incident. If you don't see this button you may not have the right privileges to delete an incident and you will need to contact your system manager to gain access. Note: Deleting an incident will delete all associated documentation for that incident including attachments, notes, actions, voice recordings.
  9. System generated audit trails on when this incident was created and by whom, as well as last modified by date and person details.
  10. A hyperlink to the location/site takes you to the location page with details of all incidents at this location/site in a grid that can be filtered by various fields. You will also see the activity associated with this location/site here.
  11. This will take you to the person's user profile page that shows a data grid of all the incidents that the person was involved in. 
  12. Details of the Investigation (if required) into the Incident. 
  13. Edit the investigation
Below these fields are the Supporting documentation and evidence section. You can add Notes & Files, see the Activity, Library and Action details associated to the investigation.
If the incident had any hazards associated with it this will be displayed next along with the corrective actions for the hazard.
At the very end you can add
Notes & Files,
Various types of Activity (Call, Task, Meeting, Email, Deadline), 
Library article,
Actions associated to the incident
Add Costs associated to the incident
See the history of the incident