Monitoring activity in BraveGen is done in a number of ways.

  1. The Activity Widget on the home page, location page and user page
  2. Item level activity and history in the activity tab on item pages like incidents, consents, action and project pages.
  3. The user activity report which shows page views and actions
  4. Activity specific reports. For example, highly engaged users versus not engaged
  5. General reporting. For example, has the number of incidents reported increased or decreased compared to before you started using BraveGen

The Activity Widget

The activity widget below is available on several pages throughout BraveGen and shows recent actiivity with links to click through to the item, person or location. Depending on the page the Activity Widget shows different information.

  1. the home page - company-wide activity
  2. the location page - all activity related to the selected location
  3. the user page - all activity related to the selected user

Item level activity and history

Most item pages in BraveGen, like the incidents, consents, action and project pages, has tabs for Activity, Actions, Library and History. These tabs show activity, notes and an automated system history trail.