When you add an address BraveGen automatically grabs its coordinates using the google geomapping feature. However, this feature sometimes cannot get the coordinates based on the address or it may map it to the wrong address. 

To get a list of all your addresses and see if or where they are mapped:

  1. Go to the Home page. In the Your Information box click Location Management (You will need the appropriate permissions to see this)
  2. In the Location Management screen click the View Location Map button

The Location Map shows

  1. a map of all your locations
  2. an option to view other things like assets, projects, people and other things
  3. an option to filter the map by one of the regions you have set in BraveGen
  4. and beneath the map is a button and a list of addresses without a map reference

Click the Geocode these locations button to have BraveGen attempt to get the coordinates for these locations without coordinates.

If there are any remaining locations in the list you can click on the location to edit the address or set precise coordinates for it.