To manage invoices, click on the Invoices menu option (under Utility Data) on the left hand sidebar menu.

  1. Select the month you wish to work on.
  2. Select the view you require from the drop down list: All; Exceptions; Not released for payment; Approved; Under review; Pending; Declined; Deleted
  3. To apply an action to your selected items, choose the required action from the drop down list: Release for Payment; Create payment file; Approve; Create FoundationConnect file; Under review; Decline; Delete; Check for Exception; Remove Exception
  4. Click on Action to apply the selected action.
  5. To select an item for action, click on the check box next to the item name. To select all the items in a list, click on the top check box.
  6. Use the filters beside each column header to refine your search. For example, if you have an invoice number (or even part of one) type this in to the Invoice Number search window and choose the appropriate filter from the drop down list. You may choose to select only one supplier. The list of results will show and can be scrolled through to find the invoice for which you are looking.
  7. The indicator that an invoice has had a payment file created against it.
  8. Allows you to make a copy of the item.