The Library in BraveGen is where all documentation is stored. The Library offers a way to confirm that a memo or process has been viewed. To go to the Library, click on your company logo in the top left hand corner of the screen to return to the Home Page. 

From the Your Information section, click on  Library.

Within the Library, documents are classified by their type. To change the documents displayed, click on a different category. 

To view a document, click on the document name. To Edit the document, cick the Edit button. To return to the Library, click either the Back button, or click on the Library hyperlink.

Documents share the following properties:

  1. The detail of the document.
  2. Viewing and commenting stats.
  3. Comments tab - shows all comments on the document, who made the comment and when.
  4. Activity tab - shows all activity against this document.
  5. History tab - shows all action taken on this document, including who has viewed the document and when, if the document has been shared with any groups and who created the document.