Below is a list of the prerequisites for using the BraveGen website or the BraveGen App on Android and iOS devices (phones and tablets).


PDF Viewer

Android: Google PDF Viewer

iOS: PDFs open in Safari. You don't need a PDF viewer/reader.

QR Code Reader

Android: QR Code Reader

iOS: The camera on devices with iOS 11 or above will automatically read QR codes and load them in the Safari browser. (Note: You will need to change your camera's "Scan QR Codes" setting on. Look at the screenshot at the end of this page) For earlier devices you can use No Ads QR Code Scanner & Generator - QRs


Some devices don't have a camera installed by default. But most do, so you may not need the one we recommend here.

Android: Camera MX

iOS: All iOS devices come with a camera app pre-installed.


A user account

You will need an active BraveGen user account for your company.

Automatic updates

If you are using a work device you may want to turn automatic updates OFF as these can be distracting and use a lot of data. Devices typcially come with a lot of pre-installed apps that you don't need but cannot actually remove.

Even if you disable automatic updates the BraveGen app will still notify you when it has an update and will give you a link to the BraveGen Play Store or iTunes page to quickly update it.

Click on one of the images below to download the braveGen App.

Go to the BraveGen App on Google Play Go to the BraveGen App on iTunes