From the Company Reports page, click on the Report Name.

  1. This section is the report header.
  2. Ensure that the Report tab is the active tab. This is where all the framework questions are listed.
  3. This shows the specific sections and questions for this framework. To expand a section, click on the name of the section (in this example, Introduction).
  4. To edit the individual question, click on the question name.
When a question is clicked on, the following page appears:

  1.  Name of the report as specified by you.
  2. The section and exact question to which you are currently responding.
  3. This section will show any information which has either been entered in response to the question or copied over from a previous response.
  4. Guidance is additional description given by the reporting framework organisations. Click on this button to show the guidance, then click again to hide it.
  5. Activity is where notes, documents and tasks can be added, costs recorded and the history of all changes is recorded. **See separate section on Activities and Tasks for further information.
  6. Click here to edit the response.
  7. Question compatibility shows the questions from other reporting frameworks which relate to this question. Note that these mappings are based on information provided by the organisations who set the frameworks.
  8. Edit Question Attributes allows assignment of a question to another user, record of progress, a short name to use in the index and seach tags. **See separate section on Edit Question for further information.