You can create actions in BraveGen. Each action is a single source of information where you can add comments, photos, files, forms and history for each audit.

When to create an action

  • When you have arranged a field audit with a supplier
  • When you have something to do in relation to a field audit

When you have spoken to and arranged a field audit with a supplier

When you receive a request to do a field audit for someone you need to call them to arrange the details. Once you've done this you can create an action in BraveGen for each field audit you have arranged to do.

This action will appear in yours and the contractors action list in both the website and the phone app (if you or they are using it). They will also receive an email confirming the details of the upcoming audit(s).

When you are bringing an "audit buddy" to a field audit

If you have arranged to bring an audit buddy along to a field audit you should create an action and assign it to them so it is in their calendar as well.

How to create a Field Audit Action

Select "Add a booking" from the main menu

On the action page

  1. Enter a brief title for the action that includes the company name and time
  2. Select all the people related to the field audit. This will include
    1. Yourself as the field auditor
    2. Your contact at the contractor company
    3. A field audit "buddy" if they are attending

After you've save your action you can click the logo in the top left of the page or "Home" on the left menu to go back to the home page.

Where to find your actions list

Select "All Actions" from the home page.