We sometimes get asked if we recommend any specific devices. Below is a list that will change over time and for different situations. Please contact us if you would like us to update this page.

Android versus iOS (Apple) versus Microsoft

Firstly we recommend Google Android devices over Apple and Microsoft devices for a number of reasons.

  1. Microsoft is no longer supporting their windows phone. So the choice is now only between Android and iOS.
  2. More device choice with Android - there are many more devices using Android compared to iOS. This includes a wide range of ruggedized and Ex certiļ¬ed (intrinsically safe) products which is important when using devices in the field.
  3. More open - Apple devices are a black box for app developers. It is difficult to access the file system and other key elements of the device. Updates to iOS are designed to slow down your device and they can also break key features without app developers being notified beforehand therefore disrupting our customers without warning.

Extra storage

  • 64GB SD card - Check your device has an SD card slot. Many Apple products don't. Some devices can only handle a card with up to 64GB. Others can handle more so you may wish to go for 128GB SD cards.