The Data Management functionality allows management of suppliers, invoices, locations, contacts and a variety of other functions. To access the Data Management menu, click on Data Management in the left hand sidebar menu.

  1. Invoices allows management of all your invoices (active and archived) in an easy-to-use grid format.
  2. Account information - allows you to manage your account details with your suppliers, down to ICP level.
  3. Site information - maintains your locations and all pertinent information relating to them.
  4. Contacts - allows management of contacts at suppliers and system user details.
  5. Suppliers - add or edit supplier details.
  6. Incidents - view a summary grid of all exceptions raised as incidents. See their status at a glance and click on the blue hyperlink to go into the Incident itself. 
  7. Thresholds - manage your threshold settings to be alerted to any exceptions.
  8. Mailbox - manage all email communication
  9. Processes, documentation and communications - manage the archive of all processes annd documentation
  10. Documents and files - allows you to upload batches of files and manage your document library.