This functionality allows you to copy your company response from a previous year to the current year framework OR from one framework (e.g. GRI) to another (e.g. CDP). The questions will map across to the new questions if the framework has changed from year to year or to the appropriately aligned question in the alternate framework. 

To copy a report, click on the Report Name from the Company Reports page to go into the report. On the right hand side of the screen, click on Copy This Report.

Fill out the following fields:

  1. Report Name - this should be the name of the NEW report.
  2. The standard chosen should be the one you wish to copy TO, for example, If you're copying over a CDP Climate Change 2015 to work on your 2016 submission, you would choose CDP Climate Change 2016.
  3. Choose the reporting period - 12 months to the reporting date.
  4. The Due Date can be either the date the report is due to be submitted to the external body OR an internal date showing when you require the report to be completed ready for submission 
  5. Click on Create This Report