As a field auditor using BraveGen you will need a username and password and an up to date profile for contractors to refer to.

1. Get your login details

To get a username and password for BraveGen contact FISC. They will need your full name, mobile number, email address and company details (if applicable). They can then set you up in BraveGen with the correct access permissions.

2. Log in and set up your account

You will receive an email from the BraveGen system with your username and password and a link to the login page. Keep this email safe.

(If ever you forget your password you can have a reminder sent to you automatically.)

Once you log in you will see the home page. At the bottom of every page is your name. Click your name to go to your personal profile.

On your profile page click the edit button

It's important to set up at least a brief bio of yourself in your user profile so that contractors can learn about you before they request your services.

In your bio you should include

  1. A brief history of your experience
  2. Any training and accreditations you have
  3. The company you work for (if applicable)
  4. Your availability including
    1. the regions you cover
    2. the days of the week and times you typically work

Once you've written your bio click the Update button.

You can also change your password on this page from what was issued to you in the email you received.

A photo also helps to create that personal touch too. Scroll down to upload a photo of yourself.

Once you've finished updating your profile click the "Back to Profile" button to return to your profile page.

Or you can always click the logo in the top left corner to return to the home page.