Report Mapper is a tool which allows you to project manage your sustainability reporting. One important aspect of the tool is being able to assign questions to other users for their comment, feedback and management. To assign a question to another user, click the Edit button on the right hand side of the page under Question Attributes.

Complete the following fields:

  1. First Response Year - select from the drop down list. This field is for the purposes of the Journey display showing which questions you have answered year-on-year. Either select the first year you responded to this question OR the first year you intend to respond, if this is in the future.
  2. Question Owner - this will default to the Report Owner. Click on the drop down list to select the appropriate user.
  3. Question status - this shows the progress of the question. When the question is assigned to another user, set this to Not Started or In Progress and instruct the new owner of the question to amend the status according to the progress on the question.
  4. Title to use in the Index allows you to type a free text title which is a short form of the question. This will show in the Index. You may use phrases unique to your organisation, or simply a summary of the question. For instance, the question may be: ">Have you published information about your organization’s response to climate change and GHG emissions performance for this reporting year in places other than in your CDP response?". The title you use may simply be "Published results"
  5. Tags are the same as those used in news articles and blog posts and allow you to search subjects by the tags used. This is an optional field.
  6. Click save to save your changes.
Note: in order to notify another user that you have assigned a question to them, you will need to set up a Task for them. **See separate section on Activities and Tasks for guidance.
Note: the responses you choose in the Edit Question Attribute section relate directly to the information which shows in the Index Tab. For more information on the index, see Using the Index.