To Add or Edit a supplier, select the Data Management menu item from the left hand sidebar menu, then from the list click on Suppliers.

The Supplier grid shows all suppliers set up against your company plus all their details. Use the scroll bar across the bottom of the grid to scroll across to the lsat of the details for the supplier.

  1. To Add a new supplier, click here. Note this appears at the top and bottom of the grid.
  2. To export all the details to Excel, PDF or a .csv file, click on the appropriate icon.
  3. Use the filter arrows available against each column to refine the results shown in the grid from all results to a subset.
  4. To Edit the supplier record, scroll all the way across to the far right hand side and click on the Edit button.
  5. To move backwards and forwards through the pages of results, click on the arrows or numbers shown here. To change the number of items displayed on the page, adjust the number here to 10 or 20. Note that you will need to use the vertical scroll bar on the right hand side of the grid to display results beyond the first 10.

Adding a new supplier

Ciick on the Add new record button.

Complete as many of the fields as possible. As a minimum, we recommend:

  • Organisation name
  • Address
  • City
  • Country
  • Payment reference (your account reference with the supplier)
  • Bank Account 

Click on Insert to save your new record.