Once all field audits for a contractor have been completed and the contractor has completed all their corrective actions you need to confirm this with BraveGen so they can do the final checks and award the contractor their certification status. You will do this by filling in a short form on the BraveGen website or on your device. But first...

Complete their audit forms

First ensure all the field audit forms you filled in with that contractor have been set to "Completed".

Confirm their corrective actions are done

Ensure the contractor has completed all their corrective actions and provided the necessary evidence to prove this. Evidence may include comments, documents and/or photos that have been uploaded to the action.

Do this by clicking "All Actions" on the home page.

Click "Contractor Corrective Actions" and click on the actions belonging to your contractor.

Let BraveGen know

Once forms and corrective actions have been checked fill in the form Safetree Field Audits Completed Checklist. You can find this form along with all the other forms you use either on your device or by logging in to the BraveGen website and clicking on "Smart Form Register" on the home page.

Once the contractor has been ceritified they and you will be notified by email.