At the top of each form start by entering

  1. the date of the audit
  2. the company you are audting
  3. there is also a space for entering any general comments

Then scroll down to start filling in the questions.

Each question has

  1. a grade
  2. an observation / comments box
  3. a place to add corrective actions
  4. a button to take photos or choose a file from your device's gallery
  5. a button to make voice recordings

No matter where you are on the form you always be able to see the save button at the bottom of the screen.

You can change the save option to "Save & continue editing" so you can periodically save your changes quickly and easily.

If you have finished filling in the form you can save and close the form. You will always be able to edit it later. Change the save action to what you need and click the blue button.

The different save actions are

  1. Save & go to view - this shows a view your form
  2. Save & go to list - this take you to the list of forms you've already filled in
  3. Save & continue editing - this keeps you on the same screen so yu can keep filling in the form
  4. Save & add new - this takes you to a new empty form
  5. Save as completed - this marks the form as completed

Editing a form

To edit a form you have previously been working on

Click "Forms" on the main menu

Click the "View responses" button of the form you are interested in

A list of your previous form responses appears. Click on any of them to open the form.

Your form appears in View mode. Click the Edit button in the bottom left corner and you can continue editing your form.